TIMET S.r.l carries out high and medium frequency heat-treatment processes for third parties, using designs provided by its clients, to whom the finished product is returned.
The primary objective of each operational area within the company is to meet the needs and expectations of their clients, by discerning their hopes and desires, ensuring that they are satisfied at the time of delivery and controlling all stages of production.
Therefore we are committed to the continuous improvement of the entire company system, with the aim of providing increasingly high-quality products, and also taking care to:
- comply with legislation and regulations regarding safety;
- defend and respect the environment.
To support the production department a metallographic laboratory has been set up.
TIMET S.r.l has been UNI-EN ISO 9002 certified since March 1997, and UNI-EN ISO 9001 certified since July 2003.

An important feature of TIMET S.r.l. is the particular care taken in transporting goods, which we do with our own vehicles to guarantee quality transport.
We transport your goods of up to 10,000 kg in weight and 6,100 mm in length directly with our lorry; furthermore, for smaller weights and dimensions we also have a lighter, more agile truck.