We take particular care to test materials during each individual phase of treatment; for this reason we have established with in the company a metallographic laboratory where the results of the HARDENING process can be analysed:

Thanks to our wide range of durometers, we can perform tests such as Rockwell, Brinnel or Vickers. Furthermore, the use of portable durometers means we can test parts with complex shapes or large dimensions.
Non-destructive testing is carried out following heat treatment, using penetrating liquids or magnetic particles (with a magnetic yoke or MT testing equipment); tests are performed by our own qualified staff with "LEVEL CERTIFICATE" issued by CICPND, according to standard UNI EN 473.
On request we can issue the client with an "Inspection Report" describing the tests carried out and the results obtained.

In collaboration with C.I.S.A.M, as part of a project initially funded by the European Community (BRITE_EURAM), we took part in the creation of a durometer that provides not only a hardness value but also a hardness curve dependent on the load applied, which enables the user to establish the effective depth of treatment without destroying the piece.