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The new Guicar: Phase 3

An affiliate of UNAPOST, the National Union of Post Production Companies, Guicar is a well-known name in the field of audiovisual production in Italy; the name itself is an acronym of the name of the historic founder Guido Carracino.
From its headquarters in via Faruffini, Milan, since 1963, Guicar has always been committed to providing the very best to the worlds of trade and advertising, as well as to other areas of audiovisual production and post-production.


The first revolution in the company came about 17 years ago first revolution: in 1999 the owner, who wished to pave the way for future generations, sold the company to the employees, who maintained the original name.
Guicar thus entered its second phase, moving to new premises in Milan, in Viale Legioni Romane, where it remained for about 17 years.
Aldo Dalessio, CEO, talks about the latest news: "Today history repeats itself for us; in May 2016 we entered 'phase three', with an additional management buyout further altering the organisation.
Three long-term members of staff have been incorporated into the company structure, and the four of us now form a close-knit and synergic operative management team.
We are all extremely enthusiastic about this new phase of using the experience we have acquired over time for forward-thinking projects; one that do, however, maintain the continuity of quality.
This news coincides with the change of location: we are now in one of the most happening and dynamic areas of the city, between Via Marghera and the new Tre Torri district, more centrally located and easily reached. This choice fully reflects our desire to explore new opportunities and keep pace in a business that constantly faces cutting-edge changes.
A curiosity fact, especially for those who have always known us, is that the Guicar offices are once again located in the same street where the original HQ was, at Via Faruffini 20, just across the road from the old building, now converted into a luxury condo.
Our distinguishing features, however, have not changed: care and attention to customers remain our top priority. Indeed, the fact that all our productions are in-house means that we provide a 'made-to-measure' service for all clients.
The new structure follows the traditional style of the post-production facility with video editing, compositing, CGI and colour grading on technology platforms that include Avid, Adobe CC, Fusion, DaVinci, Softimage and Cinema 4D.
As ever, Guicar's services are completed with sound control rooms using ProTools HD, Dynaudio 5.1 monitors and recording booths.
A trusted network of professional outsourced freelancers is activated on projects that require specific skills.
Coordination of clients, freelancers and the media is managed in-house.
In this way we guarantee our customers optimum quality, both in technical terms and in content, and we are able to effectively deal with even last-minute, urgent requests
Despite turnover remaining on the crest of a wave for some years now, Guicar still has a new mission: to analyse the market to identify openings on the new media markets, in the pursuit of offering and even more diversified and dynamic partnership.

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