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Nothing by chance: Consorzio Conciatori Cuoio di Toscana


 It's about 8 minutes of narration, shot in electronics with an Alexa Mini camera, in cinema style, with only camera.

It is a commercial short film, a real mini feature film, wanted by the Consortium of Tanners of Tuscany Leather, "Tuscany Leather" (Consorzio dei Conciatori di Cuoio di Toscana, “Cuoio di Toscana”). Made from Bolognese “Free U” in the post production and effects segments,

so far it has been presented only privately to the Consortium members and will be used on several channels of programming, beginning with the cinema film circuit.


Free U, post production house specializing in "commercials" for some time has professed the desire to emancipate from the 30 seconds (sometimes less) canonical tv advertising to delve into the "troubles" arousing when the story grows in time as well as satisfactions.

Free U firmly believes in the quality of their work and professionalism that the whole industry needs to maintain to increase the value of services to customers, and not coincidentally it has been a member of Unapost, the National Union of Post Production Companies, which protects customers in this difficult but fascinating segment.

The film entitled "Nothing by chance," has the form of an institutional film but it's more narrative and as a commercial short film begins with the entrance of the main character, designer of shoe models, in the party where the guests from the fashion world, stimulate her train of thoughts (the main actress is Caterina Mughino). As a careful observer of the various characters at the party, she draws inspiration for her creativity.

A subsequent short trip in the Tuscan countryside by car and a return to the "workshop" of her father allows her to find herself and inspiration.


The shooting format chosen produced ProRes 4: 4: 4 shots, except for some parts of the night in which effects were shot in Raw. These are images taken during the day worked as to look like night, in San Miniato in Tuscany near Livorno.

The movie offers some actors playing indoors and outdoors; the exterior is a sequence by car, while the interiors depict the aforementioned fashion party in a villa, typical Tuscan farmhouse. The final part of the dialogue takes place within a tannery, between father and son.


The participation of FreeU involves much more than post-production, in fact, it starts in production with the presence on the set of Alessandro Paci as a Data Manager. His presence was useful for downloading materials, to verify the shot copies, to load Luts and to work in accordance with the director of photography and assistant operator with optics and camera settings. This allowed to load a pre-grading to facilitate and smooth the nest post production segment as per color correction. This is also because the director of photography was not then able to physically participate in the grading phase.

Practically for Free U the beginning of the post production workflow starts right from the set, so as to save time even in the compositing process and to make the whole process smoother.


The short drive was shot during the day and re-created in post production with an effect of "American night" which led to an exaggeration of lights, headlights, etc. in color correction and compositing, which increased the credibility of that effect.

Other points of intervention were the extension of the starry sky set, a bit of background environment compositing, cleaning up of the Tuscan countryside from some unwanted elements.

Two suites of compositing within Free U were engaged for a few weeks with this work, with After Effects and Da Vinci, respectively, in finishing and color correction, with contemporary operations and sometimes subsequent on the cloud, to share projects and clips.

Two people were engaged in post, Alessandro Paci in the color grading and Leonardo Moschetta for off-line editing, and post online, with special effects.

The audio section was made simultaneously to the various compositing and finalization was recorded live; then the sound effects were added within a post facility in Bologna have been added, which is headed by Diego Schiavo.


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