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Giorgio Risi and Vergnano tv commercial

Giorgio Risi, owner of the historic Turin post company describes the new TV Vergnano campaign: "It 'a small film full of shared values. Moments and emotions in which we can all recognize ourselves: memory, courage, pride. They are common to us all and told with lightness, but which also really contain the story of this extraordinary brand that has accompanied lovers of best espresso since 1882.

And then the memory, because the future can be projected only if you have a story, courage (and a bit of madness) because only this can push a small Piedmontese company to challenge the Swiss giant Nespresso (and win) and this is the pride Vergnano wants to share with the Italians in the world (and with infinite foreigners) the goodness of their product that pushed Vergnano to open flagship stores around the world.
But Vergnano has chosen to tell this without self celebration, but celebrating, instead, all those who identify with these attitudes. Be it a loving father who can not leave in the old house the story of the growth of his sons, or a small dog that challenges the power of a bulldog. "

The cards
In Giorgio Risi, for two years now, and with regards to post, they switched to Final Cut X that provides a fast and efficient workflow.
Their next goal is to leverage the cataloging tools of Final Cut X material, for the management of digital archives held for customers.
Structurally, Giorgio Risi has just completed a total redesign of the offices to offer his customers an even more comfortable and familiar place, in detail:

Video design area:
1 Executive producer
2 Producers
Photo Planning Area:
2 photographers
1 producer
Audio design area:
1 audio producer
1 sound engineer
Post Area:
1 technical manager
4 editors
4 editing rooms
1 Audio Room
1 sound stage of 180 square meters, fully equipped for video and photo coverage.

"Experience, service, skills and creativity are our plus; we have always been a flexible company able to respond quickly to problems. We design and create along with our clients and the agencies, and this is definitely our added value.
The new television campaign of Caffè Vergnano is a witness, in fact, the project was taken over in its entirety, such as production and post production, managed together with Eggers 2.0 who studied the creativity.
It started as usual by an animatic and then we developed together all the work up to the spot, proudly, obviously for the confidence we were granted. All shots were made In Turin where the useful parts for the set were simulated and built.
A project to be very proud of, started from paper and ended up on TV, with 3 days of shooting on location, even in branded Vergnano sales points, and with an important crew."

The film was shot by Red Dragon, taken in 5K; editing was entrusted to a Giorgio Risi editor, made directly on the set. "This is a procedure that reassures a lot our customers because they have a way to evaluate in real-time the image quality and speeds us our post work.
Clearly the post changes have been going on with the Color Grading by Da Vinci Resolve and post online.
Then with a downscaling the spot was finalized on a 2K master with finishing on Smoke and for the first time the final file was delivered in HD for La7 channel, while on all national broadcasters delivery is always carried out in SD.

"Following the work from start to finish means for us to have the pulse of the situation, constantly; the project is managed continuously, from creativity to broadcast. In practice everything is more challenging, but the result pays off because it is guaranteed by the same hand and the working process becomes very functional."

Vergnano Dedication
Case Production: Giorgio Risi Ltd.
Ex.Producer: Giorgio Risi
Directed by: Alessandro Rota
Dop: Federico Torres
Producer: Alberto Gianni
Agency: Eggers 2.0
Director: Creative: Guido Avigdor
Music: Marco Cimino
Set Design: Francesco Boerio
On July 31, 2016 Air La7 (in HD)


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