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GP3, VR 360 MPEG4 video, 4K for Fabio Spiranelli

Movie & Arts for Samsung VR360

The world of virtual reality, no doubt attracts all content producers and sport is a large container that can provide exciting opportunities.

Among the interesting projects in Italy, Movie & Arts of Milan has recently created a 4-minute film in VR360

Movie & Arts is a company springing from high end post services, mainly for advertising, which today is a consolidated reality in the very promising step of complete communication projects for clients. These involve design, implementation and post production and corporate, educational, events contents and realization. M&A have long been associated with UNAPOST, the National Union of Post Production Companies because this allows them to qualify at the highest level with their professional profile and work on behalf of customers.


Gianfilippo Napolitano, owner of Movie & Arts tells us: "This is a VR very interesting project, experimental, created in cooperation for Samsung Italy and involved a very comprehensive test on the video VR 360.

We engaged Fabio Spiranelli, newly entered in GP3 Championship as the youngest rider, who is related to the world of motorcycle racing in an absolutely human perspective.

The story unfolds on the events taking place behind the scenes but with a different slant. In fact there is no typical story of the pilot on the circuit and the race, or the relations with the other riders and the federation, but it is a meticulous description of the preparation, under the point of view of the chief mechanic, and the aim to develop something together. The experience is then related to the whole team, towards the bike and the new approach of the pilot in his lean as a neophyte in the world of the GP3 races. It is the life of a sixteen year old sport guy, living the new context and meeting the team, starting to build something together."

All images were shot by two Samsung Gear 360 VR cameras, one placed on the pilot head and the other on the head of the mechanic, while the time span covers the entire weekend of trials. This camera is capable of recording video and taking pictures at 360 degrees, with two 15-megapixel CMOS sensors with two fish-eye lenses.

For 3D vision a compatible browser is needed and vision occurs with VR device. The camera provides onboard a WiFi module a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band, used for shooting on drones, along with microSD cards up to 128 GB.

The experiment is also interesting for the declination of narrative time that has been reduced if compared to the initial decision. In fact the final official movie basically is a 4-minute documentary. Also a making of documentary was shot in HD for broadcast and corporate use.

Gianfilippo Napolitano emphasizes: "Something that adds a further interesting value in the virtual reality market, is the possibility of multi angle shots. In fact, with this technique of fruition, the user can decide whether to follow the story with the eye of the pilot or the mechanic, and exchange points of view whenever he wants.

So the initial plan of a double VR 360 vision although at the end was merged into a single film so as to make it easier."

as per post, a special software allows to make the necessary conversions, maintaining the 360 format, and then the assembly is done in the traditional way (offline-online, "compacted") on Adobe Premiere which then returns the final format in the standard required. A special plug-in in the Adobe suite and on After Effects allows to create all the necessary captions, retouching and correction for compositing with which the image is "exploded" to be worked. Then images are automatically reassembled in 360 and from here the export to MPEG 4 in 4K resolution 3840 × 1920 pixels at 30 fps is created.

Gianfilippo concludes: "These images must be shot quickly with a reporter style, on many locations. This imposed the use of very light shooting devices, practical and non intrusive.

All contents producers are seeking new means to explore new avenues for revenue and this example of VR 360 is one of the ways forward, given also the growth of streaming that can support this format."

Video 360 - Fabio Spiranelli GP3 - for Samsung

Needs Firefox for 360 viewing

Here the 2 films from different points of view (with Firefox)

Backstage video here


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