Venerdì, 29 Agosto 2014 14:13

Interview: Adriano Mestroni BAND

August 2014. "Over the past three years, the film stock has totally disappeared from the suites of post production, at least from our point of view, definitively supplanted by electronic shooting and digital cameras; actually, in 2014, we can declare zero percent shot on film."

This is Adriano Mestroni international renowned colorist and co-founder of Milan post production house "BAND", associated to Unapost, the Italian National Union of Post Production facilities, outlining the latest trends in this market.

 "Also in the area of the filming cameras, Alexa is the dominating standard at the moment for us in the contents production. Then the RED camera follows and some others that are now entering the market, suitable especially for being used with drones. In these conditions indeed Gopro camera is often present, even if we consider the quality obtained is far too low compared to our standards.

However, it seems now that sometimes we can not do without, because of the small size of the camera itself and the spectacularity of the shots we get.

Panasonic is also facing with new models, valid for us, while we tested the 4K Blackmagic camera that for our needs I personally found a bit disappointing compared to our expectations, especially for the exposure latitude that in the advertising world must be very high.

We usually receive the shot files from the Alexa in 2K and no longer in HD; so far we have seen an increase in the detail and definition of the video.

Every now and then we work with raw Alexa files at 2880 lines (3K), as in the case of a recent short film, 4 minutes of Park Chan-Wook, Korean director who filmed Old Boy, prize at Cannes a few years ago, which in October will be screened at the festival of fashion in Shanghai, then a very important event, in which the quality is decisive.

To render such a definition it was necessary to install two additional boards in the Davinci; but in the end the product was perfect. "

Within Milan BAND facility the most recent changes -from a technical point of view- involved the transformation of Flame from "normal" to "premium" version. It is used for online jobs and it is virtually as if the facility had a second Lustre suite.

The Davinci suite, in addition to being upgraded has been enlarged and completed with a JVC HD video projector. So now BAND has two suites for color grading, practically at the same level.

Other recent changes are the updating of the software release relating to the Autodesk suites that are always equipped with the latest software.

Smoke will soon be transformed in Flame Assistant for a total of two available.

Even the 3D department has been recently expanded and from two professionals they are now four, always using Maya.

The sound room is associated with Disk2Disk by Antonio D'ambrosio, so as to be able to complete any job without leaving the house.

Adriano Mestroni reports: "Our turnover is growing and if it were not for the crisis I'm sure we would have grown even more. We are always a high-level company but "not big" in size because we are determined to repeat the typical and agile pattern of today's post companies.

The BAND staff is composed of a close-knit team of on nine stable professional, two colorist, Adriano Mestroni and Claudio Beltrami, visual effects with Alberto Mantini (supervisor), Paola Boioli and Mattia Palomba alternating on Smoke, Flame, Flare (a second machine supporting a Flame) and After Effects.

Richard Todaro and Filippo Casale are newcomers to the computer graphics department and flanked by Rocco Guarna and Mattia Bruno in two of the four Maya stations.

We were born completely tapeless and processing entirely on file, then our future is and will be this.

Associated to Unapost the Italian National Post Production facilities Union -from birth- we can boast a positive balance in this and at most we would be happy if Unapost could still increase initiatives, for example by creating a digital archive useful to all associates from which to draw images and film. It could be the type of picture or video archive for customers from which only members can retrieve what they need and when they need it, so as to streamline certain procedures which are quite delayed today.

Another interesting point would be to create a point of reference for interns and freelancers. It is a subject on which Unapost has been debating for long, not easy to solve, but that could be valuable for members.

More generally, at the level of association of selected members I feel I can be said to be satisfied, since we were able - for luck, skill and commonality of intentions - to maintain a pretty strong core of members so as to represent the advertising post-production world of high level companies ready to take other steps forward, together, and maybe even abroad.