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Free U: advertising and small productions in the new company structure

"We deal with the whole post-production process and since the new company structure, sometimes we also take on some small productions managed entirely by us"   (September 2014)

So says Leonardo Alberto Moschetta, co-owner along with Alessandro Paci, introducing the description of its company the bolognese post Free U.
From 1st March 2014 this company well placed in the Italian post-production advertising world, changed its structure and two of the professionals previously employed made a company buyout.

So the company from the former property, Claudia Berengo, passed into the hands of Alessandro and Leonardo, keeping the original name.
In this sense, continuity was given and the important corporate update was also made to safeguard the customer base acquired in years.
From the point of view of the core business, Free U has maintained the historical line that is dedicated in large part to advertising but also opening new routes, such as the direct production of small docu-fictions, even ranging to some contamination with "reality", filmed with a Blackmagic 2.5K camera.

The configuration
Free U still has two suites and remains almost unchanged as configuration, with two multi-purpose edits that are equally engaged in processing both offline and online projects, with two Mac Pros.
The editing software used are Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro plus the typical CC 2014 After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, while the 3D is not handled internally.
The choice here was to collaborate with a group specialized in Bologna, contracting out the graphics parts.
The same has been decided for the audio, demanded to an associated external studio in order to ensure maximum specialization of jobs, segment by segment, to the benefit of the customer.
Other features include two broadcast class monitors plus the usual and traditional monitoring.
For the color correction Free U is based on a dedicated area where the work is done on a Davinci workstation that is currently in development.
In development is also a location D.I.T. (digital imaging technician), which is nothing more than a post on the set, which can help ensure and accelerate the entire workflow to the post-production.
Both partners have a wealth of experience in the advertising and in the various sectors of post.
Therefore customers recognize their great experience and ability - not common in Bologna - and this specification, the logical transfer of skills from previous experience to actual, is one of the main reasons for so many of the customers come back there, happy to work in Free U.
Therefore, by virtue of the inner capacity and the external partnerships "controlled" and assisted, Free U is able to guarantee a complete package of services that is much appreciated, being an important reference point.

The workflow
Free U is structured with ready to work equipments capable of working with all types of files, including raw files of the Red Camera, Blackmagic, Alexa and so on. Sometimes they opt to make a direct editing on the clips chosen, not compressed clips, as an online; while some other times they opt for the creation of proxies and the following standard steps of processing and color correction.
Sometimes, the post processes of painting, compositing etc, are done after the color correction, while other times they choose to make the color correction first depending on the job.
Leonardo Moschetta points out: "Very often, this choice depends directly on the possible timing of the work, in fact, very often advertising is forced to work at the last minute, then they ask us to "climb mountains" in one day, and according to the deadline will opt for faster workflow, ie, without creating the proxies.
In fact, in principle - although it is not always like that - working directly on the native files of the cameras allows you to avoid a long process of conforming and ensures speeding up of the results, though, of course, a lot depends on the type of processing that is required."

Alessandro explains: "Long lasting members of Unapost, the National Union of Post Production companies (since 2010), from the previous corporate structure Free U, we attended all the meetings of the association and I always find it interesting the upgrade path which is proposed, and the professional, technical workshops, organized by hardware and software manufacturers; and then also in order to have an important network of useful contacts in time of need.
We are very much in favor of the standard orientation elements which Unapost aims, namely to create a set of rules of fair competition, and keep control on the relationships between the actors of this sector. The Association, then, today tends to export the competence in the sense of making it known abroad, and then the plus to foreign customers could be our great flexibility and the ability to have a single reference of contact. This is because usually abroad the trend is to be very strong and specialized on individual segments, but much weaker on the overall concept of the work from a bird's eye view.
In practice, I believe that our know how is now recognized also as a center of communication for customers and involves a whole plethora of activities; this may be very useful to foreign customers who can rely on us pretty well."


Free U

Strada Maggiore, 51 – Palazzo Angelelli

Rappresentante: Leonardo Alberto Moschetta, Alessandro Paci

telefono: +39 0515882395

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