Lunedì, 20 Ottobre 2014 15:06

"One stop post." Aldo Dalessio, GUICAR

With an important background that few can boast, since 1963, and entirely devoted to video and post production, Guicar Srl has always maintained the same route. (October 2014)

It is no coincidence, in fact, that the proposed services are all-encompassing, so much more than "just" post production. And also the shooting side can be approached in total assistance of Guicar.
Many will also remember the raids in the media publishing with brave video magazines so much appreciated in the past, in the days of VHS, always advertising and video production oriented.

"Our headquarter is in the palace of CTC (Centro Telecinematografico Culturale) via Legioni Romane in Milan," says Aldo Dalessio, co-owner, "and our first profile feature is to be a" hybrid body "between production and post with a niche market based on historical "small-medium" clients. And we never set ourselves on the market only for the business side of post.
Our headline is "good quality in a short time".
Advertising still centralizes much of our efforts and the corporate film remains even if to a lesser degree."
Starting from shooting in Guicar upon request all new electronic cinema cameras are available; then we must mention the indoor theaters, one of about 150 square meters and over 6 meters high, with green back as a limbo. Guicar can also get shots in the two theaters of the CTC respectively of 900 and 500 square meters.
Then the in the house editing section-almost completely devoted to online advertising- with various solutions based on four small suites with Avid and Edius by GrassValley plus color grading with Digital Studio by Avid. When needed, other classic softwares are used such as Softimage, After Effects, Fusion, etc.
For the audio side, the work is addressed on ProTools HD and comments are produced in a special on purpose audio booth. In practice, under the same roof, you can make all the needed processes, starting from the storyboard, including finalizing and delivery with AdStream, all in a day when necessary.
Even Guicar has long been associated with Unapost. Dalessio confirms: "Around thirty companies specialized in post production -with varying degrees of competence- have been joining and associating for some years to try and face the market with common energies. This also in view of the persistence of this crisis that seems to require results in too low budgets, but often at the obvious expenses of the quality of work.
In practice, the constant demand from customers is to reduce the budget involved in every job and this tends to cause suffering to the market that slips into an increasingly low quality, even in advertising.
We are therefore in contact with the other members of Unapost for a constant dialogue on the hot topics of the work, both at operational level and also to understand what is happening on the market in such suffering. In practice, the link between companies in the same industry is facilitated by the fact that we have common interests and undertaking action groups also at a technical level, allows to involve suppliers with the weight of a buying group and not as individual company. Of course I think there is still a lot to do and the association can still grow a lot, because the tendency of every company today is to survive a crisis that seems endless, even before managing common activities.
Unapost, however, is an important link with the outside world, the market, considered by many points of view, hoping that in view of a first appearance abroad we can find new contacts and propose our great expertise to countries beyond the Alps. "

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