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New ideas in post with Post Office Reloaded

"Traditionally we have always been strong in special effects and human resources still are pulling our work." Giovanni Morelli (November 2014)

With a great specialization in post production applied especially to the advertising film, the Milan company Post Office Reloaded remains faithful to the plotted course that led to a high degree of specialization, editing, the "first love" borrowed from the experience in cinema, as well as in visual effects and animation.
After the 90s that mark the onset, the more recent history moves since 2004 with the addition of the name "Reloaded" which highlights new trends, still within the Group BRW SPA today contemplates BRW Filmland, Post Office Reloaded , BRW USA, Independent in London. And today Post Office Reloaded is still investing in new routes.

The great expertise of those who work there is derived from a true love and great skills for the various phases of the post, from editing, audio, dubbing, color control, special effects and comprehensive online finishing.
Central is the Department of graphics Computer, very skilled and dedicated to 3D, motion graphics, 3D stereo and VFX, considered a prestigious boast served by a dozen operators on twelve workstations and related dedicated softwares.
The bulk of the investment has always been on people following the motto that machines can just be bought and they do not make the difference, but the skills and professionalism should be grown and are rare. So the focus was very much on the "specialists", very specialized artists in various segments such as producers, editors, lighters, modelers, compositors, colorists, effects supervisors and animators.
Traditionally, the workflow is tackled upstream trying to expand the pre-production, in order to support the client to the maximum since the beginning.
The time spent in pre-production becomes an investment and a saving evident in all subsequent steps.
The attention to today's budget or cost containment impose a direct contact between the production and post-production, in a process of interaction and meticulous planning that pays off as everything is integrated in this "continuum" if foreseen since the start.
This results in greater basic creativity and no surprises when the dices are ruled and at the same time all approval presentations to customers are very loyal to the end results and the initial foreseen budget becomes very real.
Even the color correction in Post Office Reloaded is given special attention, often addressed on multiple stages to get the most.
Besides the aforementioned CGI department the workflow can count on four editing suites with Avid and Final Cut Pro Premiere, two suites of online editing, a suite of color correction and a stage set up with blue back.
Such an important structure could not avoid being a long time member of Unapost, Unione Nazionale delle Post Produzioni Televisive because of the will to interpret market trends and ride pass right by the comparison of a trade association.
Giovanni Morelli, partner of Post Office Reloaded, emphasizes: "The strengths on which we agree since the birth of Unapost are first of all the preservation of the professionalism of the "post market", selecting companies and shareholders who must comply precise quality standards and professional ethics, on pain of exclusion.
The correctness pay even at a time when the market suffers and excessive search of the lowest price is a false lead, only immediate, that in time may ruin a whole structure of the sector and can not guarantee quality results, for anyone.
In practice, the first group's strength lies in giving concrete support to the customer that is guaranteed in the work if it relies on one of the partners associated to Unapost, today and tomorrow.
Member companies, such as Post Office Reloaded, can ensure professional staff and the quality of the final work to the customer up to the airing, but -even thanks to the exchange of expertise between members- may indicate the new dynamics and market strategies, especially now in a multi media - multi platform world, which is an increasingly complex dimension to manage. "




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