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Frame by Frame with Lorenzo Foschi

A new player in cinema and fiction  (December 2014)      
We asked Lorenzo Foschi, jointly owner with David Luchetti of Roman post production Frame by Frame, to illustrate the latest news involving its company.
"Post production in the advertising market - opens Lorenzo - is definitely going through a rather demoralizing period, and the only reason why we are not discouraged and we can move forward with new energy is related to a "cross-cutting structural company profile"; Indeed, despite post production linked to advertising has been and still remains one of the key assets of Frame by Frame, thankfully this is not the only one.

Continuing in the historic track with publicity that has allowed us to reach certain results, we chose to make courageous choices. So, in the last two years we have set a certainly innovative approach and chosen to combine the world of advertising and the universe of fiction and film. This is also bound to an idea of "territoriality" since we are physically located in the city historically linked to the movies and rich in "laboratories" dedicated to cinema. So we decided to address this market too and, without removing the energy to the advertising, we have added a number of useful skills to deal with the post of long-format productions, that is just for tv fiction and cinema.
Our "central" position in Rome allowed us to recover a cinema lounge within our current headquarter (the former offices of famous film producer Cecchi Gori) and consequently to host the producers who are used to "jump" from a large laboratory to another (Technicolor, Deluxe are rather decentralized) also covering great distances.
So we set up a complete digital value chain through which we -in the last two years- started bringing home different jobs. We no longer work exclusively on 30 seconds ads but even on 12, 10, 8 episodes of 50 or 100 minutes each. Lately we have worked on the post for a couple of cinema films, Perez is one of Edoardo De Angelis with Luca Zingaretti and Marco D'Amore and "Ogni maledetto Natale", a surreal comedy written and directed by the creators of Boris with Francesco Pannofino and Corrado Guzzanti: in practice our brand is also entering this market where until recently we were not present.
So to defend ourselves from the crisis that hit mainly the advertising world in Rome and Milan, we have increased the services and opened the door to a markets that previously could not see us as protagonists. This is because, usually, advertising and cinema are two pretty ponds, distant and separate compartments. In fact, the competence of the typical advertising company is historically on seconds of film with important budgets, while the TV series is just the opposite: so many minutes and an incredible attention to costs, particularly in recent years.
Following another side, the skills and internal energies that we normally use to develop brand identity projects, this year have allowed us to address an important work, namely the re-branding of the new television channel Roma TV. We made a rather innovative circumstance since the creative dimension of the property is American, then the philosophy of approach that was required was not limited to the localization but we wanted to make a leap of internationalization. We were able to make this leap only through the experience collected in the past years with international broadcasters.
It is precisely this experience collected in Europe and the United States to have been put to good use from a local reality, the Roman football team, just on a television channel project that looks to the European market. So we worked a lot for the brand on the idea of being able to export this brand abroad.
After the great efforts of capital expenditures made about three years ago while moving to the new premises, today we are planning updates by the middle of 2015. We think especially in terms of infrastructure, in terms of network, storage, and data management because their digitization that seems to have solved many problems, in fact it is creating others. It has gone from tape to something far less tangible but definitely new, especially in certain approaches, such as storage, the amount of data, redundancy, backup, the speed with which you can recover the data that you need. In fact there is great diversity between a physical search in the middle of a warehouse in a stock on a tape library with cassettes and instead having to go find a movie or a clip in a series of uneven devices that are not just hard drives, but also tapes, optical disks, SSD and more. These inhomogeneities are typical of the different attitudes that are put in place for data storage and moving from advertising to film and fiction of course the amount of data increases exponentially, and yet again the keywords are simplicity, ease, speed reaction, in addition to security that is another key aspect of digitization.
In terms of new doors wide open by the concepts of multi-platform and multi device we have not yet moved if not actively fielding new forces at the level of networking, that we can do group with other specialized companies that are able to respond in time skills and then pouring our expertise in an extended team rather than being isolated in our "backyard". "

Lorenzo Foschi: "Due to a little less turnover tied to our daily activity of postproduction on advertising, in the last two years we have invested in new energy in post dedicated to cinema and fiction."
Frame by Frame is the post production house that has made the complete re-branding of the Roma TV channel to propose a new more international style.


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Frame By Frame

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