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AMP, Arscolor Media Production

With over 20 years activity in the field of post production and based in Reggio Emilia, they are particularly specialized in 3D animation techniques.
Dino Dini, co-owner and founder along with Antonio Ferrara of Arscolor Media Production says: "We are official suppliers of the most important Italian sports car brand, and in practice we have personally made all the three-dimensional animations for this world famous car manufacturer, including the special models and top of the range."

As per post production and special effects we are oriented mainly to advertising ( and prepared in recent years all the commercials for Loacker, Expert, Bayer Adavantix, performing all the processing.
And also many other jobs for different customers with simpler tasks in online finishing.
Dini resumes: "For some customers We often had to follow, anticipate and create the story of their products in 3D and for some of them we created over 100 commercials for television use, over the years."
So, on one hand Arscolor is proud to have an extensive experience in the three-dimensional modeling while another section of the company deals with "traditional" post production.
Here the work is based on three editing suites equipped with Avid and Final Cut and an online one that allows to create even the color grading.
Da Vinci Resolve 11 workstation is used for color correction and finalizing is made on Nuke even if recently the company has started working on Nuke Studio. It is a software by The Foundry, in the style of Smoke, which manages to combine the phases of editing and compositing working on Linux, PC and Mac.
Dini stresses: "We feel particularly strong in 3D animation techniques -as we said- both on technical animation and effects.
We operate through a render farm based on 100 processors, three Maya workstations and three with Nuke for compositing.
Within the house we also have a suite with After Effects and Premiere that we use so much less, for graphic titles and a bit of motion graphics.
For the most challenging compositing we always use Nuke."

So, basically, the structure in the last two years has not changed except for software updates and deployment of new forces dedicated to 3D, the real specialty, and a larger number of machines in the render farm.
Audio is always worked outsource devolving on an old time partner called Top Digital.

An editor and a girl that deals with 3D and compositing are new woking forces.

Thus, in addition to Dino Dini and Antonio Ferrara, the two founding partners, three full-time employees and two full time freelances, are committed within Arscolor.

The toughest jobs are still those that are performed for the famous car brand mentioned that are technical films where is made also a creative consultancy and everything is done internally.

These are animations that are created to explain the new features of the cars and so rich of technical details to emphasize strengths, shock absorbers, engine, etc.

News applied to cars are emphasized and valued in an educational and spectacular way with these three-dimensional

In parallel, the section that deals with corporate conventions continues its activities and from 2014 is also following IVECO for the "after sales" conventions creating the whole video parts relating to 3D contents, as well as some interactive sections that are managed via touch screens: contents which are then shown in the stands at the various international exhibitions.

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