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New integrated worlds, certainly not just post

Movie & Arts, Gianfilippo Napolitano
New integrated worlds, certainly not just post

"In the past two years a lot has happened," says Gianfilippo Napolitano, owner of Movie & Arts, a company associated with UNAPOST (National Union of Post Production Enterprises).
"In effect the changes have been so many since we were able to integrate different worlds in the process of large merge began three years ago and that we were finally able to finish off recently.
Today we have different divisions that work in a coordinated and continuous way on joint projects.
The big change is that we are no longer just a post-production facility as to the origins, in fact we are now a reality that really takes care of integrated communication services, both for customers and for the ad agencies, and on different segments.

We start from our support from the concept to clients and agencies considering different areas of interest on the project, we continue to identify new media or new tools and new ways of communicating; Then we complete the process with the post production that is the original task of Movie & Arts, and of course- we continue to follow every point of view and form of post.
Indeed, in this respect we are again increasingly strengthening.
Following another direction we have also stepped up our efforts in the events world that we follow both in content production and the support/analytical organization of the concept.
In addition, we guarantee a complete tiling also in the field of graphic design- a process that began with the opening of the office in Rome-which is increasingly cross-function for a number of processes that are carried out.
For a complete description it is essential to mention our section that deals with software development.
This activity, particularly in recent years, has brought us a lot of satisfaction and goes perfectly with all our work areas and our parallel worlds.
To recognize this commitment are some pavilions in Expo 2015 where our plus was just to know how to merge all the technical expertise in the implementation of both audiovisual content for both print, in the proposition the global Experience with softwares and dedicated systems.
In fact we are actively following the New Holland pavilion, which is one of the two corporate pavilions in Expo 2015 in Milan, where we are combining all our expertise.
Our software development department collects successes not only in Italy but also abroad, where we realized -always application based on our platform Inmersus- in Dublin, for a client at the highest level as HQ IBM Innovation Center, and we started to deliver the module "Collaboration tools", always one of the modules of our platform for Digital Signage and multitouch Inmersus, dedicated to edutainment, for major universities such as Ravensburg London is to Portsmouth.
Among other activities of prestige we are concluding the pilot project of shared platform active / passive Digital Signage and multitouch for CNH Industrial. This project starts from Italy and aims to become a global project, always based on our platform Inmersus.
At content level our film department recently has established itself with an important role in the latest film by Paolo Genovese, "Have you ever been to the moon?", For which we have treated and performed all the visual effects on over 120 filming.
Last but not least is to underline our continued loudly and daily desire to discover new technologies and new ways and worlds and continue to blend all these guidelines.
In the last two / three years we have created a better structure and integrated all the skills of working and processes put in place to date.
In the Lead in all this, one factor is certainly very important to the process of internationalization, after opening the London office, today which allows us to work and communicate with many other parts of the world, from Ireland to America.
No coincidence that we are taking care of some projects -in a continuous growth- that could lead to further changes, expansions and territorial developments.
In practice, we brought forward a lot of work in a short time.
To weave the threads of different colors of all these innovations, from January 2015 we are in a new venue for the Milan offices: a much larger and organized location for the new soul of the company and even from the entrance reception it proves a mixture between technology and equipments and exemplifies the aesthetic designs that we carry as a mark on every job.
The fusion of different worlds in which we gravitate allows us to offer more and more new lines of action, new ideas even in the traditional world of the construction of communication and post production where we started and we continue to strengthen.
The new office is split with more suites in terms of finishing and a brand new audio room is neat, designed by a great name, all in a new space of 600 square meters complete with outdoor garden; is on two floors with an aesthetic dimension well cared for, for a visual initial idea in "New York style".

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