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E-motion: production and post-production, even in 3D

Nello Brancaccio: "You've got to aim for the best to stay afloat"

"Born historically with post production and based in Genoa, we believed a lot in stereoscopic 3D."
So says Nello Brancaccio, owner of E-Motion, describing its company, associated to Unapost, the National Union of Post Production Companies in Italy.

"Over the years we've had very good results even if today this direction of audiovisual production has quite diminished. In fact, the Italian scene has only one three-dimensional channel on SKY, SKY 3D, and the majority of 3D films we create are advertising ads for the movies and also for corporate conventions, even if this is still potentially a very broad market.
So, a few years ago we made the necessary investments, far from irrelevant, and bought the best the market -for us- proposed, a suite with Quantel Pablo color correction, following a tradition that began twenty years ago with this British brand.


To address our 3D production we brought in the very high-performance equipments that we then used for the daily management of all jobs, but mostly we used it to manage events in the presence of a lot of people.
Special screens usually placed very high concentrate emotion of the viewer who is still obliged to wear the typical active or passive glasses that are often given away as a gadget.
The typical launch event movie still satisfies much for the attractiveness of three-dimensionality.

From 4K to 6K
Since the beginning we structured completely for 3D and we always shot with major equipments, like two Red 4K cameras, but now we shoot even in 6K with the Dragon. Our 3D movies reflect this great quality, so we offer a resolution in projection even superior to the movies or how it would be better to say, "as the best film."
This allowed us to recover the investment and we are very well repositioned in the events production differentiating a bit our production schemes, filling voids and, given the ongoing crisis, the financial results that we want to achieve, are just to repeat the previous year results. In a time like this to maintain a market positions is already a good result.
Within E-Motion we feel alive and kicking and our potential is unchanged; we are certainly looking forward to better times but still we reinvest heavily in technology, aware that you must ride the time and opportunities in the belief that to stay afloat you've got to aim for the best.

The whole structure has seen and continues to see improvements and the equipments fleet has just been renovated, including servers, investing figures of some hundreds of thousands of euro; technologies are more complex, the equipments faster, we had to create dedicated professionals, as the stereographer, and 3D post production experts, and in time we have made a lot of direct experimentation, given the presence in the company of essential equipments, cameras, post suites, media, and stereo rigs.
We always pay much attention to photography, adapting it to the interested medium, in practice, we have indexed the entire company on our 3D finalizing in a process that is far from trivial.
The workflow
Our typical customer is the agency that organizes events that presents us with a project based on the company's Brief. We usually offer 2 or 3 creative solutions on the basis of a mini storyboard and the cost is very differentiated between the different proposals. Then -along with customer and agency- we review all the adjustments and once chosen the right idea we are committed to the scouting of the shooting, and identify the resources required, both technological and human. We profile everything needed, location, set, actors, make-up and hair styling, etc; then we start with the realization of the shooting, selecting the music, and proposing to customer test.
The color correction that is one of the most important moments in a 3D production, given that you have to work on two channels, takes a long time. This is a critical procedure that we carry on with Quantel Pablo.
Then in a special area, our DI Theatre, we project the film and we are able to see and show the results.
Once packaged the film we deliver it on a solid support -a hard disk with the DCP to the service that deals with projection and usually, unless the customer specifically requests it, is the service that is capable to ensure the highest quality to value projection in which we have recorded in the movie in 6K, choosing projectors in relation to space and the viewing conditions. "


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