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Red-Line, with Stefano Monzio Compagnoni

"Quality, craftsmanship, creativity, respect and consideration for the customer: These are the keywords that summarize our values."

Over the past two years in Red-Line, post production company in Milan associated with Unione Nazionale delle Aziende di Post Produzione, we have heard some news.
Stefano Monzio Compagnoni explains: "Announcements involve both the know-how, the workflow, and the infrastructure. We have updated the equipment with new hardware to handle higher resolutions, 4K / UHD and consequently the new color space BT-2020. We thought about how to completely restructure the workflow and in fact, some steps have completely changed. "

The flow and the news
Red-Line is strongly focused on advertising for television, cinema and online.
Typical customers are the advertising agency and the production company; and for them Red-Line focuses exclusively on audio / video post production and a VFX supervisor on set.
The shooting arrives here on hard drives, often in Red Raw format.
In the company, the existing four editing rooms plus a miking one, today a new audio editing suite was added, where you can create audio in 5.1 surround.
In this new room acoustically treated according to the highest standards - as well as ProTools and Focal monitors plus an RCF subwoofer there is a high class video monitor that allows the viewing of high-quality material for the cinema and the application of a complete audio / video quality control.
In this sense, the room now has the configuration of audio / video "quality control" to check the completed product, DCP or any other format, even in the presence of the customer.
In all suites you can complete the job; and this is the characteristic of a Red-Line operation that is based on six people: an external company is housed in these walls and is operatively associated with and takes care of post-production for Red Line, while Red-Line remains the supervisor.
For color grading Da Vinci Resolve is used; the software is installed on all machines; each room is equipped with a reference monitor and a control panel.
Stefano Monzio Compagnoni continues: "Having acquired know-how and the necessary equipment, we are able to create DCPs with standard DCI (even encrypted) for digital cinema to manage spots in the cinema but also for various film festivals, like Berlin, Venice, Cannes, Dubai, where the new control room audio / video, can fill in the quality check increasingly required at international festivals.
Once the master is in our hands, we instrumentally check all audio and video parameters; we create the DCP, apply quality control and the final realization of the support aimed, typically CRU DX 115 which will then go to the festivals.
We therefore have a new openness to the world of small independent producers; we give them the possibility of access to high quality services at affordable cost."
Since they were born, almost five years ago, Red-Line has been working in the native resolution of the shot, 4K or more and never converted the material up to the production of the final master, all this to preserve the resolution and color depth of the shooting.
The workstations have been sped up with new rendering boards, added power to the CPUs and RAM; but the network infrastructure had already been created in anticipation of a possible increase in resolution so that it was already capable to transmit large amounts of data at high speed.

Latest News
Stefano Monzio Compagnoni points out: "We have recently developed a web-cloud app that runs on any computer with a browser, to include comments at a distance: the client, from home or office, has the ability to remotely view any step processing of his project, once we have it loaded it onto our internal platform. He can add comments in the timeline, using markers, and the editor can see those comments here on the shared timeline and take them into account to make the changes.
Whenever you export a video on the platform, it generates a link with a follow-up email to the people involved in the project, with confidence, since it runs on internal servers and owners, protected by the same encryption (SSL 256) used by banks .
The customer logs in, can see and hear the movie, move frame by frame, scoring markers and comments.
A demo is available at this address

The advantages for the customer are obvious: greater speed and accuracy in sending us feedback on the work, videos are stored in one place easily accessible where you can access the history of the work, be it one, ten or a hundred steps back.
Given the growing interest aroused by this webapp, in a next step Red-Line will arrive to the commercialization of this service.
The latest addition to Red-Line is an interesting agreement with other recording studios around the world that allows access to a plethora of voice talents -without precedents- in all languages of the world. The quality is very high, the amount huge, for a unique service."

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