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A new 3D format for fashion


"Think of a fashion catwalk shot in stereoscopic 3D that becomes a format because it lends itself to really interpret the thought of the designer and fashion in general." Genova-based post production facility, E-Motion, is an associate of UNAPOST, Unione Nazionale delle Post Produzioni. Nello Brancaccio, President and CEO of E-Motion, enthuses about his idea - a virtual fashion show shot in 3D that is projected over and over again in different venues.

"The basic idea is to create a parade, just once with the models and the set. We shoot it in 3D and then project it in three-dimensional stereo in various locations. The effect is superb and the economies tangible. We thought about it a bit and in the end we did it for the first time at Pitti Uomo in Florence.

"Once the movie's shot, we can export it and replicate it over and over again, without having to call the models, re-equip the set, prepare the shoot, hire and pay artists, set designers, etc."

The typical advertising agency challenges E-Motion to realize the show and very pragmatically they set-up the shooting set, the backgrounds, install the stage lights, preparing the film set.

Before the shoot, E-Motion also researched a number of "tricks" that can enhance the three-dimensional effect: in particular, accentuating the relationship between the foreground and background to create truly amazing effects.

Brancaccio emphasizes: "We shoot the film in a cinema style, with a single pair of cameras and choose the camera angles and lenses just as if it were a big screen film we are shooting." The 3D stereo rig operates two Red Dragon cameras shooting at full 6K resolution.

Brancaccio continues: "I shot 18 different models on the catwalk, and the result is outstanding; for example, a model wore an eagle on his arm, and at one point it flew out and touched the face of the viewer.

Then for other models different three-dimensional effects were added in post-production. For example, one was playing a saxophone and immediately afterwards the notes became visible flowing out of the instrument, changed color and flew away in 3D. The images were added using computer graphics, using Cinema 4D and Motion to create flowing movement."

"To get everything perfect, production was spread over six days of shooting. The lighting, albeit a bit more sophisticated because it is used to emphasize certain nuances, feelings, moods, is pure cinema and television style," Brancaccio explains.

"For a project of this scale and complexity, I need a crew of around 15 people, orchestrated by the director at the shoot. The creation of the 3D elements generally takes around a week.

"All 3D processing is edited and finished on a Quantel Pablo, which processes data at full resolution and enhances the effects of all the objects and particles that seem to come out from the screen and hit the viewer," Brancaccio concludes.

In projection
Then it's time for the screening, with the 3D magic created by the two synchronized projectors and special glasses, active or passive, which make the effect of stereoscopy possible.

Such an event usually takes place with a standing presenter introducing the show – to give the event the same impact as a live show – it's all about big-screen impact.

The final master is held on solid state memory which allows very fast access to data, given the amount to be managed.

Brancaccio personally pays great attention to the professionalism of all those involved in these experiences and the technologies that form the glue. His objective is to stretch everything to its fullest extent to deliver a result that combines technical and creative excellence.

Nello Brancaccio

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