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Bondi, Brothers in post

Various innovations in Bondi Brothers, file based video, a proprietary NAS ...

In such a fast developing market like video post production - especially when aimed at advertising - it is crucial to constantly update the equipments and so the workflow, that is to follow new production procedures and languages.
Bondi Brothers, Milan, has four online 3D and three off-line suites. At least two are the radical and very driving changes.
First of all, the four suites devoted to online finishing have been updated. They are based on 4 Autodesk workstations: one is equipped with Flame Premium and the others with Flame.

The color grading suite is equipped with Lustre by Autodesk.
All four suites have been updated to the new 2016 software release. This results in significant improvements and additions to several innovative tools that may accelerate the workflow at a different pace, thereby speeding and making procedures more fluid.
The work always starts from the offline suites equipped with Avid and Final Cut, while special effects is applied with Adobe suite, also upgraded to the latest software release.
The second big news is in the fact that the facility - more or less recently - is passed to a completely tapeless configuration.
At the heart of this innovation a high-speed network, optical fiber wired, to create a shared NAS (Network Attached Storage).
Tapes are completely gone and there are only a few incoming from customers, but after ingest, the entire facility operates on files.
Stefano Bondi tells us: "The shared storage and multi-user network consists of ninety terabytes disks, at the heart of our network based on what we believe the best disks as per speed and performance on the market.
Then, very important, we have entirely built ourselves our software for the central management of the database, so we created a proprietary MAM which controls the management of all digital assets. This has enabled us to develop a system not based on default standards and options (such as those sold on the market) but flexible and capable to meet all of our internal needs, such as the maximum possible speed as per data transfer throughout the production cycle. Speed is crucial for us because our clients are always latecomers. Then, starting from the uncompressed files, e.g. TGA, QuickTime, or DPX files, we can make them immediately available on the NAS directly from the online suites. The software that we developed in-house, allows us -with simple options- to decide whom to address the finished job and automatically it applies the coders needed to create various multi-format files that are then routed to various destinations automaticly -always in default. For example, the same file, but in different sizes for weight and quality, is delivered to the main tv service delivery (Adstream) and simultaneously a control file is sent to the customer in low quality. We have realized that software on our precise needs and preparing multi format files simultaneously for the various types of delivery channels for us today is a simple game. And so we can meet all the needs that no longer are just the on air files ad for the customer, but also those for the web and for all of the many needed formats.
This is because we have created some preset and from the online ingested file, the MAM allowes the operator to choose the needed options and then everything is done automatically: the system creates the necessary files to the various formats. For example, given that advertising agencies often have a maximum of 5 or 10 MB in the reception of e-mails, we already have a preset which deals to transfer the control file according to each maximum size defined for every customer. And the same is true for all the various channels. After uploading the final file, our MAM processes it automatically and by default. For us, this is equivalent to big time saving and hugely practical procedure: all this translates into a very fast response to customers.
This completes a change we started thinking of about two years ago, mediating with our customer needs and devoting three people inside, plus external developers.
Besides we are active members since the beginning of the activities of the National Union of Post Production Enterprises, ( In Bondi Brothers we embrace the headstrong orientation of UNAPOST who wants to keep together the Italian post production market, even in a difficult times like this, to guarantee a high level of service with a real quality brand."


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