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Proxima Milan, where the staff are more than skilled.

"We have tried to make the customer experience more comfortable and complete". Marco Guarnieri

The company historically specialized in advertising post production has been associated for years to Unapost, the Italian National Union of Post Production facilities.
There are many changes that Proxima Milan has faced in recent times. Among the changes, the company partners profile was "updated" in fact today the partners are four: Marco Guarnieri, Alberto Fusco, Claudio Falconi, Andrea Masera.

Then a major relocation away from previous headquarters, now moved to Via XX Settembre 24, with a surface similar to the previous site, but on one single floor of about 500 sqm for a new convenience.
A new suite of color correction was equipped with Da Vinci Resolve accompanied by the biggest panel interface. It works in close collaboration with renowned colorist Davide Lovetro.
Marco Guarnieri says: "Among the changes, a recent collaboration with Opera Music, in fact with them we opened a new area within our headquarters with audio commentary booth. So now even the audio processing is performed within the facility."
Then in Proxima Milan there are three multi-purpose suites for on-line and off-line, well-equipped with Adobe Suite and Final Cut, the other two, with dual boot, can work with Adobe Suite and Final Cut, or with Smoke.
The workflow is collaborative, since all the workstations are networked.
In the main suite where 3D effects and compositing are carried out, a proprietory software script was developed and applied. This allows them to run either Maya or Nuke alternatively.
Guarnieri resumes; "We have heavily invested on the "human structure" in fact are three 3D artist and 3 compositors; then we own five Maya and four Nuke licenses, floating type so we can use them even on different machines.
All suites work on a shared server locally and all machines are linked with dual gigabit internal network and externally we are trying to increase the speed for the data exchange, considering a new gigabit line.
Among the various developments planned, we continue creating internal scripts dedicated to simplifying the workflow so that all softwares can access the same files.
The underlying idea is that the operator must be able to interact with all the other professionals involved in the same work and on any machine. So you do not bind a project to a single location or equipment and avoids any encoding, or data transfer. In moments of criticality, in this way, it is possible to intervene fastly and without having to resort to slow data transfers from one machine to another, avoiding downtime.
We have also enhanced the security infrastructure that carries up a backup at night, against any problem and on a dual server, using incremental backup, which joins a weekly backup of the online server."
Other new features include the projects already started, seeing Proxima Milan always engaged in the field of advertising production, but also to further develop the film dept, especially on some short films dedicated to film festivals, and a feature films.
The facility is characterized by the desire to offer a complete service, with all processes to be completed under the same roof.
Guarnieri underlines: "Before we missed the opportunity to complete the work with audio and our suite of color correction was very small. Today we tried to make the customer experience more comfortable and complete, maintaining the capacity of our typical "problem solving" thanks to a knowledgeable staff. Our clients choose us because we are responding to their needs in a very fast and professional way and we have high quality recognized in 3D and compositing. Today we believe that the various skills are to be intertwined and a single skill is no longer enough.
Among the recognized excellence we must emphasize that Proxima collaborates with the MPC in London for color correction and then a customer in Italy can count on the colorists associated structure in Milan, but also of the London-based ones, in real-time, thanks to dedicated links."


Proxima Milano

via XX Settembre, 24
20123 Milano

rappresentante: MARCO GUARNIERI

telefono: +39 02/29060904

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