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Frame by Frame many novelties 2015/2016

Cloud rendering, Digital Cinema delivery and Neflix


2015 was a very important year for the Roman post production Frame by Frame, company associated with UNAPOST, National Union of Post Production Companies. Lorenzo Foschi, founding partner along with David Luchetti, tells us: "We continue to be slightly disadvantaged because of our geographical position, in fact, the Roman area has not enjoyed in recent years of great turmoil with regards to advertising. However we kept trying to diversify our offer entering as post-production professionals in the film market.
We have been very careful and we'll continue our investments while managing to offer attractive and competitive prices.

No coincidence that in 2015 several things have happened. For example, we updated the Flame suite that remains, by direct experience, our best reference system in compositing and finishing dedicated to advertising.
At the same time we are entering many new technologies and solutions that also concern the world of cinema. In this case, to visibly mark our entry into this new market in 2015 we decided to buy the Baselight color correction system. We were the first to have it in Italy, and along with such system we also wanted to invest in resources, since behind the machines we chose good "drivers".
Still in the area of ​​human resources we emphasize our will in the "continuous investment in persons" and in fact we have opened a new VFX department.
In practice we returned to invest in digital special effects, in a market that we reluctantly had to a little overlook for the crisis of advertising started a few years ago.
We continue to boast good cooperation with various clients including Mercedes BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi with Enel while Cinema allowed us to start 2016 with great enthusiasm: the balance is positive although it was all very challenging, but we also had great satisfactions, not least the possibility to realize a series of TV commercials for Acqua Lete, a CGI character animation work, a very challenging one.
In addition to Flame we added two nuke suites dedicated to all the compositing and Vfx process, and also with regard to the 3D we made significant investments in order to improve our whole trim.
We have to emphasize that is fortunately over the "fashion" than in the past prompt customers to require a specific software to do a job and not a particular service. It was a curious attitude where in some cases the customer did not ask us for something creative but tended rather to tell us what software he wanted to make that particular project!
From the point of view of technology today we lack nothing, the whole structure is connected, the systems are super fast. The last update was the end of December 2015, and it concerns the Flame suite for Linux with dedicated hardware. Autodesk also, in addition to other major software companies, today adopts the "pay-per-use" business model. According to this recent philosophy softwares are up to date at 100%. In the past we tended to hold a license for a few years also for reasons of cost; now everything is super updated and that speeds the decisions to be taken and allows us to be more streamlined to simplify the workflow because the more tools we have available, the better. Just a few years ago it was unthinkable to apply such a solution and the licenses upgrade costs were often prohibitive.
Another interesting aspect of production is that the rendering phase nowadays is performed in the cloud also thanks to the speed of the new Internet connections.
In the past, buying a dedicated internal render farm and its continuous updates had perhaps made it difficult for some small business that nonetheless never managed to be so fast and updated as necessary.
The possibility of entrusting to a third party this outdoor service based on the cloud, rather than working locally, and leverage an external provider for final render is much cheaper and much faster.
Outsourcing, we have a computing system which power would be unthinkable for any post-production company in Italy.
Another service of ours born last year is the digital delivery.
For the new media market Frame has been certified as Netflix Preferred Vendor and thanks to this activity we could start working with the newly arrived American provider.
Even in the cinema world the delivery is exciting as in advertising, where we are committed with the broadcaster to deliver the finished work through typical services such Adstream or other providers. In the Digital Cinema we serve hundreds of venues so we set up a small department that, once finished the postproduction of a film, deals with digital delivery.
The two workflows of advertising and cinema are different, with two internal departments that interact much with each other but are distinct. Everybody is working with specific skills and with different systems: in the cinema with Baselight and a second suite with Nucoda, while in advertising Flame and Nuke are preferred."


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