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Lete Water and

Multi target language and cross-media planning.

Letizia, Olympian and Teo, the "Lete Family" are already known on our screens but now a life change and the foundation of a television station, "Lete Channel".

The new "serial" advertising campaign includes a series of new stories and three subjects which have already been delivered.
Emiliano Cerfeda, executive producer of Roman Frame by Frame, followed the creative process and realization directly:

"We specialize in post production and we have long been associated with UNAPOST, the National Union of Post Production Companies to guarantee customers the highest level of reliability and quality. This work also follows in this direction and is part of a larger project which contemplates the renewal of a format pursued in recent years. It tried to update various aspects of interaction, animation, and we started from a thorough study with the client, together with the Ad Agency Mosquito Rome led by Vincenzo Vigo. For now, stories of classic TV formats have been created, one on the music and also a talent show, in which the child performs and parents are the judges. We have another on certain product characteristics such as quality and sodium; a journalistic connection in the studio trying to interview sodium, but sodium is not there and the interviewer addresses to the empty study.
The movies are made in CGI, with Frame by Frame involved in all phases of the process together with the director Simona Lianza. 

The workflow
The work begins with the format proposed by the creative agency who has a relationship with the client and from there some variations with different storyboards are drawn.
Everything is subjected to the director who gives his artistic vision, and from here we start with the actual realization phase, the development of the characters and the different technical steps which are modeling, texturing, lighting and so on. For the soundtrack, the animation is developed before reaching finalization. Being a film in which the characters speak, there is a lip-sync to follow.
Basically, you go from the storyboard to the realization of the sound column and then the animation follows, based on the audio.
With one or more "animatic", a sort of low resolution rendering, you determine that everything functions and in particular that "everybody likes everything."
Only at the end of this process the rendering in high resolution starts.
From here, the phase of final compositing will be implemented leading to the completion of the film.
The workflow follows a classic process that consists of a continuing step by step process of joint interaction with agency and client.

To achieve these films, all the equipment and the classic software of these "situations" are used, such as 3D Studio and Maya with compositing on Nuke and Flame for finalization.
Color grading is a decisive step, even if we are faced with products generated by computer because it is always necessary to give a "fine tuning", a valuation and uniformity among the images. For this work we used Baselight.
A team of seven operators works internally in Frame by Frame for 3D and the visual effects, plus a supervisor, giving a total of eight dedicated people. At times of stress, everybody is operating on the same project.
A number of freelancers can intervene as needed.
The whole working process is followed internally except the soundtrack which is created by the external company Catsound.
The commercials are broadcast on, on social media and RAI, Mediaset, La7, Sky, "generalist" channels.

We started off with a comparison to identify the real customer communication needs, the direction of the creative agency and, of course, the timing of realization is always stringent.
In this there is also a common mistake of thinking that everything is possible even at the last moment in post production and also trying to structure a bomb-proof workflow where often, everything blows up for a change of mind. But good things always arise from the visceral passion and common exchange.
We comply to the idea of Unapost that accepts members only if they pursue the will to always get a better product even if this would lead to "endless work". For this reason, time should be the limit.
For Acqua Lete in addition to my work as executive producer, the Frame by Frame team involved 8 operators plus a colorist, a Flame operator and an assistant. All were committed to the three subjects simultaneously.
For the final rendering we rely on three outdoor facilities that are committed depending on the urgency, even though our internal render farm streamlines much of the work."

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